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Unfortunately I do not get a chance to visit this page often enough, so I tend to miss any messages that are left here.

I am available for commissions. My rates are reasonable and some of the pieces in this gallery are for sale for those looking for book covers, what have you.

The best way to get ahold of me is by emailing me at: mikenfran3(at)hotmail(dot)com
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So I've been putting some Adam Hughes artwork in my favourites. I just discovered that he was on DA. I had to stop, though, otherwise I would have ended up putting his entire DA gallery into my favourites page!

He's a great artist and the thing I most admire about his work (other than his Gil Elvgren pin-up style) are his clean lines. That's something that I have been striving for. My style is very loose (some might even say sloppy) and I am trying to clean up my lines and edges.

In that regard Hughes is a real inspioration to me.
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Many of these pieces are available for anyone looking for illustrations. Prices are negotiable.

I am available as well. I am able to take commissions for anyone looking for fantasy or sci-fi illustrations. Prices, again, are negotiable.

Just send me a message

M. D. Jackson
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