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So I've been putting some Adam Hughes artwork in my favourites. I just discovered that he was on DA. I had to stop, though, otherwise I would have ended up putting his entire DA gallery into my favourites page!

He's a great artist and the thing I most admire about his work (other than his Gil Elvgren pin-up style) are his clean lines. That's something that I have been striving for. My style is very loose (some might even say sloppy) and I am trying to clean up my lines and edges.

In that regard Hughes is a real inspioration to me.
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  • Reading: Tristram Shandy
  • Watching: The Big Bang Theory
  • Playing: with the notion of losing weight
  • Eating: too many cookies to make that a real possibility
  • Drinking: coffee... lots of coffee
Many of these pieces are available for anyone looking for illustrations. Prices are negotiable.

I am available as well. I am able to take commissions for anyone looking for fantasy or sci-fi illustrations. Prices, again, are negotiable.

Just send me a message

M. D. Jackson
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  • Reading: A History of Britain by Simon Schama
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